Smush Image Optimizer Plugin Review

One of the secrets to success is keeping the efficiency of your website in prime condition. This involves the optimization of your photos so that they are not a burden on the resources of your web. However, among the top tools for doing so, such as deciding between Imagify vs WP Smush vs ShortPixel vs Optimole, it can be difficult to select.

Both of these free tools for mage optimization will get the job done, but each has its own specific set of benefits and characteristics.

Why it’s smart to optimize your WordPress site’s images

For almost every website, photos and illustrations are essential. They boost the appearance of your web, can be used to show off your website, especially your goods and services. The more pictures you have on your web, however the more effort a visitor’s browser has to do to display its pages.

This is because the sizes of image files can be very large, and all that information easily adds up. Additionally, when you add media to the site, it will slow down which is counterproductive to attracting and maintaining tourists. As you might have assumed, the answer to this problem would be image optimization.

You’re making their file sizes smaller and less of a burden when you customize your site’s photos. Also, this can be done without a significant drop in the quality of the images. Luckily, all you need to do this is the right WordPress plugin, which is why in this, we will highlight one of the best image optimization plugin for you.

WP Smush

A very popular WordPress image compression plugin is WP Smush. It is only one of WPMU DEV‘s several plugins. This plugin compresses uploaded photos automatically and can also be used to compress and optimize your old and new picture files. Maximum image resolution can also be set, and by being compressed, the images can be simply reduced to more acceptable sizes.

You don’t need to build an account for the free version of the plugin to use its API key. You can optimize up to 50 images at a time with the bulk optimization feature, and you can rerun the bulk optimizer to compress more photos.

Installation and Configuration

The best way to install the plugin is to go to your site administrator and click on “Plugins”-> “Add New”. Then in the search box, type “smush” and you should see the plugin appear in the first position of the list.

After you have installed and activated your pictures, it’s time to start Smushing. First, you just need to press the “Smush” button on the left sidebar and you will be redirected to a Dashboard where you can customize the plugin’s most essential settings.

Then, you can see the ‘Bulk Smush Now’ button on the right side of the screen. WP Smush will take all the photos stored in the “Media” folder and optimize them when clicked. You should start seeing the “Total Savings” (in MBs) that you are receiving for using the plugin during the process at the top of the page.

However, one important thing you should bear in mind is that only up to 50 images per run are allowed in the free version of WP Smush. That means that you will need to click on the “Bulk Smush Now” button again after the first 50 photos have been processed in order to restart the operation.

Main Features

WP Smush is really a groundbreaking WordPress plugin for cloud image resizing, optimizing and compressing. It uses powerful background servers from WPMUDEV to delete heavy elements from your images. Each single image is smushed, without sacrificing the image quality, eliminating all unnecessary details.

In addition, to optimize photos outside your media collection, the plugin goes still further. It can be used to optimize images from NextGen, images from Amazon S3, and images from other plugins or themes. All other plugins, including Elementor, also work well with it.

It’s time now to examine the two versions included in this WP Smush Review: Free and Charged. For simple optimizations for small images, the free version is appropriate (up to 1MB). The paid version of the plugin, however, comes loaded with several extra features that will help you achieve the best results possible:

PRO Version

  • Limitless Smush Bulk
  • Super Smush – Get 2x the compression in comparison with the Free Version
  • Resize photos – Set max width and height and images will be automatically scaled
  • Restore originals – Rollback any Smushed image with just a click
  • Auto-Smush – Smush automatically all images in your site
  • Holding EXIF Data – For Photographers that want to keep the metadata attached
  • PNG to Lossy JPEG Transform
  • Compressing huge files – From the camera directly to your site, WP Smush optimizes images up to 32MB
  • 200% Speedier than WP Smush Free Edition
  • The Smush directory – Optimize images outside of the media directory
  • S3 Cloud Smush – Smush your S3 Cloud-based media library
  • CDN picture – Serve images directly from the WPMUDEV powerful CDNs
  • Conversion of WebP – Optimize images by converting them to this new generation format
  • Wrong Size Detection – If your images do not fit their respective containers, receive alerts

Pros and Cons

WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing quality.

Pros of WP Smush

It is really quick to use WP Smush, and when you upload them to your WordPress account, you can optimize your photos as easily and fast as possible.

You should go to Media for your older images to smush 50 images at a time in bulk. It is a fast and convenient way for beginners to optimize their images and boost their performance on the web.

Also, one pros of this plugin we really like so much is the excellent support they offer. If you have any questions or run into issues, you can simple create a ticket on their website and they will immediately solve it, saving you so much time 

Cons of WP Smush

The difference in efficiency is not as important as with other approaches you can get.

If you upload a 3 MB picture to your WordPress account, for instance, then WP Smush reduces it by 10-20 percent without losing quality. The file is still 2.4 to 2.7MB, which is enormous.

WP Smush gives you no control about how much image optimization you can do. Although it does decrease the size of the image file, it is not the best option.


We went through some of its strongest points in this WP Smush Review, and explained how you can use this WordPress image optimizer plugin to dramatically boost your website’s performance. We sincerely believe that this is the market’s most strong Image optimization plugin.

You can then purchase the whole service and hosting package of WPMU DEV. It offers several plugins that are surely powerful and will help you in best optimizing and managing your website.

In our view, unless you are either going to use other WPMU DEV family plugins or you have a website with a lot of traffic that needs the extra pace that the PRO version provides, it’s not really worth the monthly price. Go ahead, if this is the case, it’s a wonderful product that you’re going to use every day!

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