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WordPress allows for coding practices and is compliant with standard HTML, so  it’s no doubt to make it SEO-friendly.  Yet thousands of websites are struggling to win top positions for keyword rankings in the search results. This makes it a little difficult to better compete in the search results for new websites.

SEO plugins are bound to help your website to do better in SEO, which therefore can bring good results and rankings in search engine results. Also, with descriptions that helps to know where your website can’t do much. For example, you can build content, manage keywords, send sitemaps, use webmaster tools etc.

Bloggers and content websites need to have good SEO practice at your site.  WordPress is extremely well coded so many people call it SEO friendly. But the real benefit for the SEO comes from Yoast’s SEO WordPress plugin.

What is Yoast SEO Plugin?

This plugin is by far the most robust SEO solution available on WordPress. It has received more than five million downloads in WordPress. To boost our on-page SEO, we use the WordPress SEO plug-in.

Yoast is a staple choice for a reason. It allows you plenty of control over the content of your blog, enabling you to set up names, meta descriptions and per-post information for social sharing. It offers you a simple way to set up a sitemap, schema, and is typically very beginner-friendly for users.

This plugin is so beginner-friendly that it hides much of the complicated stuff behind an Advanced menu that you need to turn on manually to see. Setting up the title and meta tag on your site mainly custom variables. For instance, i  f you’re using a custom post form and fields, you can extract information from those custom fields to use the titles and descriptions automatically.

This will cost you $89 (plus VAT) for a single site if you plan to go try the premium benefits that includes a year of free updates and support. Now let’s familiarize ourselves in the features.

What can you do with Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress?

Content Analysis Recommendation

For example, you’re creating a content you want to optimize for “eCommerce. keyword.” All you need to do is type it in the keyword field and the plugin gets busy analyzing your post. Also, In particular, if you’re using the keyword too few times in the text, Yoast will tell you, so you can adjust and optimize better for SEO.

Yoast also helps you stop a keyword-stuffing which is bad. In addition, this plugin can evaluate the content to ensure that you use the keyword in the correct positions, such as the title and summary.

If you get Yoast’s premium edition, it will also let you know about keywords relevant to that. It possibly uses tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush to catch similar search terms in the back end. It then gives you a variety of tips that you can use in your posts too.

Editing Meta Title and Description

Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress adds a Yoast SEO metabox when editing post.  This metabox helps you to add a meta title and description to the content.  It also lets you select a focus keyword for your post.

If you have selected a keyword to focus,  Yoast SEO plugin analyzes and assigns an SEO score to the post content against that focus keyword. It also suggests measures to boost the SEO ranking.

You can start monitoring, taking more actions and seeing results after using it for a few months without looking at your SEO ranking. Getting it in there also helps you to review your SEO content before publishing the content.

It has a built-in analysis of readability score which shows your content’s readability score. Then you can edit the content to make it easier for your users to read.

XML Sitemaps and Search Console Integration

You don’t need to install yet another plugin for XML Sitemaps with Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. Yoast SEO creates XML sitemaps for your website automatically, and sends them to search engines such as Google and Bing.

This plugin also helps Google find and index your best content by making your internal link structure visible. All you need to do is get your sitemap from your Yoast Dashboard and send it to Google Search Console for indexing.

You can connect your XML sitemaps to the Webmaster tools account manually, too.  Yoast has also incorporated Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools Account) into your Yoast SEO dashboard. This helps you to see how your site performs without leaving your WordPress dashboard in the search results.

Protect Your RSS Feed from Content Scrapers

One of the major issues facing many websites is that some people built scraper websites and tools. Those claim to use RSS feeds to get content from the internet. They have installed scripts that automatically retrieve content from other websites using their RSS feeds and then publish it.

This can be dangerous for your website, because search engines can start ranking those scrape websites first. Yoast SEO solves this problem by adding an individual RSS feed link to your own post. This feature tells search engines where the original article is and effectively defeats scrapers in search rankings.

Internal Links Counter

This is a helpful feature that encourages keeping an eye on how many internal links you have in your contents.

Sometime, website owners forget to add internal links on posts, but it’s important to help Google Bots crawl through your site and see what it is about. Therefore, Yoast adds an Internal Links Counter column to your dashboard’s “All Posts” and “All Pages” columns, so you can see quickly how many posts each post has.

Readability Check

If you are doing content marketing, you want to make sure that people can read and appreciate what you’re writing about.  Yoast’s readability review feature helps make that possible. Using the Flesch Reading Ease ranking, the tool actually gives you instant feedback on how well the average person can understand your content.

Advanced SEO Technology

You probably do not use these yet, but the fact that Yoast is making these advanced SEO stuff so simple is reason enough to get the addon. Otherwise, you will have to get in the code! This includes the following:

  • Canonical URLs
  • Robots.txt files
  • .htaccess files
  • Setting links to no-follow

It may be a bit complicated to you right now, but a day will come when you’ll need to incorporate some of these, and you’ll be thanking Yoast.

Conclusion: One of the Best Overall SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO provides a wide variety of features all key to optimizing the website properly. As a full SEO kit, we believe Yoast SEO surpasses all other WordPress SEO plugins on the market. And our experts also rate among the best-selected SEO resources to increase traffic on your website.

As for ease of use, we believe Yoast SEO is trying to make setting it up incredibly simple for users. The plugin includes onboard guides, inline support messages next to each option and detailed instructions built right into the plugin. Considering that many of these features are very technical and can seem daunting to many beginner users. All of the plugin’s essential features are available for free which is a good thing. Help licenses don’t cost companies and individuals too much.

We agree that Yoast SEO is undoubtedly the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market and it rightfully deserves its place as one of the most important WordPress plugins you should have on all your WordPress websites.

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