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Managing one WordPress site is relatively easy, but when you add more websites and different stage and development servers to your repertoire, the tasks just stack up. Yet you need to update the WordPress core, themes and plugins regularly. In addition, you must check how your sites perform in terms of SEO and speed. If that’s not enough, you have to keep backups, moderate comments and so on.

If you’re an agency, a WordPress theme developer or any other WordPresser with a couple of websites to run, getting a WordPress management tool is a no-brainer. A management tool will save you a lot of time and keep you sane.

What is WordPress Management Tool?

A WordPress management tool is any tool designed to streamline your daily WordPress website workflow. In essence, a WordPress management tool allows you to manage not only one but as many WordPress websites as you’d like.

In a matter of clicks, you can update the WordPress core, themes, and plugins across multiple websites. On top of that, you can moderate comments, keep backups and do so much more on multiple WordPress sites without breaking a sweat.

What is ManageWP?

Founded by Vladimir Prelovac and powered by a cheerful team of 28 staff personnel, ManageWP is an amazing WordPress management tool that is as beautiful as it is useful. It is a dashboard that helps you save time and nerves by automating your workflow, so you could focus on things that matter. It is fast, secure and free for an unlimited number of websites.

The tool was officially released back in 2012 as the first-ever WordPress management tool. Since then, it has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, ManageWP serves over 9,000 loyal customers who collectively manage over 280k websites. The tool saves about 40,000 work hours each day.

What does ManageWP do?

ManageWP is one of the biggest names in the WordPress world. Created in 2012, it revolutionized website management, providing WordPress users with an easier way to manage multiple websites at once. In June 2016, this groundbreaking tool got even better with the release of ManageWP Orion.

In a nutshell, ManageWP lets you manage all of your WordPress-powered websites from one central dashboard. That means no more back and forth between multiple WordPress dashboards — you can access everything from one place. Quick. Convenient. Easy.

In addition to saving you bucket loads of time, ManageWP also scales incredibly well and is a relatively cost-effective solution (you can run unlimited websites at affordable prices). Better still, ManageWP can drastically improve workflows for users of all shapes and sizes — from newbie webmasters right the way through to large WordPress agencies.

Key Features of ManageWP

So you’re looking for a better way to manage WordPress websites? We have you covered! ManageWP is a dashboard that helps you save time and nerves by automating your workflow, so you could focus on things that matter. It is fast, secure and free for an unlimited number of websites.

Everything in One Place

Just the hassle of logging into each of your websites is enough to ruin your day. ManageWP compiles the data from all of your sites on one dashboard, so you can check up on your websites in a single glance. And if you need to take a better look at a particular website, you’re just a click away.

Execute Bulk Actions

57 updates on 12 sites? Update them all with a single click. And it’s not just all about updates. Clean spam, database overhead, run security checks and more – with just one click you can do these things on all your websites at once.

Cloud Backup

A reliable backup is the backbone of any business. And we have a free monthly backup for all of your websites. It’s, incremental, reliable, and works where other backup solutions fail. The free Backup includes monthly scheduled backup, off-site storage, 1-click restore, US/EU storage choice and the option to exclude files and folders. The premium Backup gives you on-demand backups, weekly/daily/hourly backup cycles & more.

Safe Updates

Updating plugins & themes is a huge pain, so we came with this: a backup is automatically created before each update. After the update, the system checks the website and rolls back automatically if something’s wrong. And the best part is that you can set these updates to run at midnight when the website traffic as its lowest.

Client Report

Summarize your hard work in a professional-looking report and send it to your clients to showcase your work. The free Client Report includes basic customization and on-demand reports. The premium Client Report lets you white label and automates your reports.

Performance and Security Checks

Slow or infected websites are bad for business. Luckily, you can now keep tabs on your websites with regular performance & security checks. The free Security Check & Performance Check come with fully functional checks and logging. Premium versions let you fully automate the checks, and get an SMS or an email if something’s wrong.

Free Plan Features

If you’re concerned that ManageWP might break the bank, you needn’t worry — it’s impressively affordable. In fact, you can use ManageWP completely free of charge on an unlimited number of websites — no catches.

The free tier of ManageWP supports genuinely useful features, called ‘add-ons’. We already enumerated some of the above, and below are the other free add-ons you can get out of this plugin.

  1. One-Click Login — no need to remember login credentials for every one of your websites. Access them all with a single login.
  2. Collaborate with Team & Clients — let team members access websites they’re directly involved with.
  3. Analytics — connect an unlimited number of Google Analytics accounts to your ManageWP account, then view your sites’ data from the ManageWP dashboard.
  4. Manage Comments — every comment across every one of your websites in one place.
  5. Code Snippets — add a PHP snippet to your entire portfolio of sites in one go.
  6. Maintenance Mode — deploy a Maintenance Mode page to any one of your sites.
  7. Client Reports — creates a report for clients summarizing your actions on a particular site. Combines your branding with ManageWP’s.

When you consider these features are available completely free of charge, that’s an incredible amount of value for a free tool, right?

Best Premium Plan Features

The free functionality can also be upgraded and extended by purchasing the ManageWP premium add-ons. Here are some of the best Premium Plan Features:

  1. Premium Cloud Backup — similar to the free add-on, but you can back up your site on-demand or schedule automated backups as frequently as every hour. Incremental, reliable, comes with off-site storage, and capable of running on an hourly cycle.
  2. Clone / Migrate — ideal for moving your website to a new host, duplicating an existing site, or just creating a staging environment.
  3. Uptime Monitoring — continuously checks your websites’ status and notifies you instantly if it finds one offline. Get notification when your website goes down, so you could get it back online before anyone else notices.
  4. White Label — White Label allows you to re-brand our tools and make them your own, or hide them entirely.
  5. SEO Ranking — track your SEO rankings for important keywords and see how your SEO strategy stacks up against key competitors.
  6. Link Monitor – is a powerfully broken link checker that provides you with regular scans of an entire WordPress site for broken links.

A quick bit of maths tells me that if you want all of the premium add-ons, you’re looking at $6 per site per month — not too pricey at all.

Conclusion: ManageWP is the best WordPress Management Tool

Managing a single WordPress website is fairly easy. Yes, there are plenty of tasks to keep you busy, but life is easily manageable with only one site involved.

Things escalate, however, when you become responsible for running and managing multiple websites. Suddenly, the tasks start stacking up, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to clear them all.

ManageWP is a tool that was designed to solve this problem, and, once it was introduced to the market, it quickly established itself as the top website management service for WordPress — and is possibly one of the best WordPress products, period.

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