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WordPress Users today want to try creating a membership website where visitors can register to a platform that works like a social networking website.

Do you want a solution to create a modern and robust social networking and communication platform?  BuddyPress is one great solution with tons of excellent components similar to a social network and enables great add-on features through the extensive plugin system of WordPress.

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a WordPress community plugin that allows website operators to create an interactive community online.   This contains features typically found in the web-based platforms of the same kind such as accounts, messages, dashboards, and many more.

BuddyPress is also very flexible, as it features and functionality can be enhanced by plugins and add-ons from third parties. But, in case of users want to only have the basic elements of a good online platform, therefore this plugin is the perfect solution for you.

Using BuddyPress, organizations can construct safe and secure platforms for their users. It can be used for the communication and exchange of ideas by students, colleagues, entrepreneurs, business owners, and others.

Key Features

BuddyPress’s key features include user profiles, communities, activity streams, alerts, private messaging, and much more. It also offers users the ability to play around your profile and customize it whatever you want.

Also, what’s impressive about BuddyPress is that it includes several components that directly integrate with your site and third-party plugins like bbPress.  If you only need a bare minimum of features for your platform, BuddyPress will automatically adapt to the features you have enabled, showing only the menu items, pages, and buttons.

  • Users are able to create, edit, and update profiles including images and other information. Website administrators are able to easily set user profile different parameters.
  • Users can add to each other and be mutual friends. The website owner will be able to determine and set features for friends.
  • This allows users to send private messages. BuddyPress comes with a powerful private messaging system. Also, when someone sends them a message, users can choose whether to receive an email notification or not.
  • Users can create and join groups.  Groups within the platform can be used for a large variety of functions. Administrators may opt to allow their users to build and join common interest groups.
  • Users can keep track and follow other user’s activity feeds.  BuddyPress activity streams provide a fast overview of the recent activity that is taking place within a platform or in relation to another user.
  • Allows users to create their own blogs.  Making the most out of the full functionality of WordPress, BuddyPress offers full-featured online blogging for all users.
  • Users can engage in discussion forums. The BuddyPress is fully integrated with a slick forum system called bbPress.

BuddyPress for WordPress

BuddyPress focuses on simple integration, user-friendliness, and flexibility. Constructed by contributors to WordPress, it is a deliberately powerful yet incredibly simple social network software that is perfect for all users.

Members can register by creating profiles on your platform, have private conversations, build social networks, build and engage in groups, and more.  BuddyPress lets you create a home for your company, school, sports team, or another group of niches.

BuddyPress themes are alike with WordPress themes that you could easily use and create different types of websites.  Many  BuddyPress-specific themes are readily available for download from, and much more is available from authors of third party themes.

Top 5 Reasons to Use BuddyPress

Here are the top reasons why you should try using BuddyPress for WordPress today:

  1. Flexible Plugin – BuddyPress is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin. This seamlessly adapts to users’ needs, whether they need extra features or want only the basic features and resources.
  2. Custom Profiles – BuddyPress works just like every other site of the online community. It allows group members to create profiles, and to customize their own space.  This is of interest to private individuals who just want to show basic knowledge about themselves.
  3. Personal Connections – Through community forums, BuddyPress can be used by group members to communicate with fellow users. This can be done by adding users as friends and secretly sharing messages with them.
  4. Third-Party Extensions – Developers may need more functions, which is why BuddyPress supports third-party component add-on. It allows community members to become more involved, engaged, and usable in their groups.
  5. Community Support – The community at BuddyPress is always on hand to provide help and solutions to problems. They are directly available on the community page of the app, where developers can also help other people solve their problems apart from requesting support.


Overall, BuddyPress is a social networking solution, that is used and loved by many people today. But using BuddyPress isn’t that very simple as one needs to properly plan how the platform should work in order for it to be successful. BuddyPress is merely a tool for your success. Indeed, if you look at successful BuddyPress implementations, you’ll see that they’re not Facebook clones, but rather niche groups that have put BuddyPress to work to grow their community.

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