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What is BasePress?

For your different goods and services, BasePress helps you to build several Knowledgebase. By separating these into different categories, you can easily manage your documentation. This suits all types of devices and gives a professional look to your Documentation pages.

Not only does BasePress Knowledge Base have some fantastic features to take advantage of but the support is outstanding. This WordPress Knowledge Base plugin helps you to not do other plugins of its kind for all kinds of modifications and the creator offers great help when you need it.

A robust knowledge base is the basic cornerstone of every information management strategy. This improves customer experience and offers stronger self-service information, making it easier for consumers to receive instant answers 24/7. The service costs are reduced considerably as a result.

What does it do?

For your clients, BasePress provides an entry page where they can pick the product or service they need help with. For their needs, they will be brought to the correct knowledge base and all the papers, queries and recommendations will be entirely applicable to what they are searching for.

BasePress lets you create as many independent bases of information as you need to record your goods or services from the box. Thanks to its clear and easy administration tools, which integrate seamlessly into the WordPress admin field, it is straightforward to use. With easy customization and color branding, there are three themes to choose from, and for the coders, complete customization through templates.

BasePress will be ready to use within a minute. Just create a page on your website and put a single shortcode in it. Set some choices to match your tastes and you’re ready to start designing your items, parts, and posts.

It is also ideal for designers as BasePress was designed to make theming as easy as possible allowing you to fuse it flawlessly into your design. This features several dedicated functions to be used in any prototype to build all required elements such as the search bar, breadcrumbs, pagination, etc.

Top 10 reasons why BasePress is the right tool for your website

Below are some reasons why you should turn to BasePress in building your website’s knowledge base:

  1. Available to go in under 5 minutes.
  2. A Wizard dedicated to lead you through the setup process.
  3. Build as many independent bases of information as you need outside the box.
  4. Keeps the content logically structured, separating it by product, service, department, etc.
  5. Serves the customers with personalized responses, saving them time.
  6. Keeps your website look professional.
  7. For your clients, BasePress provides an entry page where they can select the knowledge base they want to review. All the papers, queries, and recommendations will be entirely important to what they are finding.
  8. Suits all devices. This can be used by your customers for any computer-like tablets and phones.
  9. SEO friendly.
  10. Professional support.

Plugin’s Best Features

Below are some of the Powerful features you will surely love with BasePress:

Advanced Search Bar With Live Results

Driven by a search engine to construct samples, like an algorithm. Displays found articles with highlighted matching words, organized by the views and votes of users.

Content Restriction

Take full control of your content. Choose who can look with fine-grained accuracy at any of your papers.

Articles Voting with users feedback

Figure out which posts are useful, and which the guests need to change directly.

Multilingual Knowledge Bases

BasePress is fully compatible with plugin WPML. Together they create the perfect combination for building a foundation of a multilingual awareness.

Advanced And Functional Admin Tools

Thanks to advanced administration software, you can handle your entire content with ease. All of the admin screens were planned to integrate seamlessly into WordPress. Anything you need is where you want it to be.


Provide exclusive information to get to know the customers. See at a glance which articles are most frequently visited and how they rate based on votes from the tourists. Find out what people are looking for, and what answers they could not find.

Icons Manager

Using an icon font from the internet, and highlight your stuff. Pick only the icons you need, and stop unused icons cluttering the GUI.

Plugin Premium Features ($59)

If you need some extra features for you and your customers to consider upgrading and get access to these extra benefits:

  • Improved search bar results based on user votes and visits as well
  • Articles voting
  • Popular articles widget based on votes and/or visits
  • Dashboard widget
  • Automatic Table of Contents (in the article and/or widget)
  • Drag and drop articles reorder
  • Next and Previous articles navigation
  • Advanced Content Restriction by user role
  • Knowledgebase Insights
  • Multisite support
  • WPML support
  • Shortcode editor to add dynamic lists of articles outside of the knowledge base

Conclusion: BasePress is Perfect for Multiple Products and Services

For any company dealing with several goods or services, BasePress is the best solution. This lets you logically differentiate the content and presents it with no ambiguity for your customers.

Another interesting fact concerning BasePress is that it scales with your company! BasePress works well as a simple unified base of information. And when you need it, you can add more bases of information to make sure your content can expand as your company expands to stays organized. You can now create entirely independent knowledge bases and offer your visitors targeted content.

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