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WordPress is said to be designed by default for SEO, but apart from the default settings, there are several adjustments that we need to do to render the search engine rock-solid. If you wish to increase the search engine traffic on your website, optimizing your content (both blog posts and pages) is the best way to get started.

WordPress blog has many SEO plugins out there. You need a WordPress optimization plugin like All in One SEO Pack to do that. It’s one of the most common SEO plugins for a WordPress blog to be fully optimized.

The All in One SEO Plugin

All in One SEO plugin is a robust WordPress website SEO plugin designed to optimize individual pages or postings. This was one of the first WordPress server plugins available. As previously mentioned, it lets you optimize for on-site SEO. Its free version helps you to improve several SEO-specific features and supports the core of WordPress. The plugin has maintained its position on the podium alongside Yoast SEO, its main rival, since its launch in 2007.

The All in One SEO plugin was designed to help you improve your WordPress website and its search engine content — increasing the chances of finding your website while people are searching for words you’ve written about. Provided that your website covers subjects that people are really looking for, good SEO will help your audience grow.

Though WordPress is considered out of the box to be search engine-friendly, a plugin like All in One SEO can make it even more so.

All in One SEO Free Version

Since its launch in 2007, the free version of this plugin has been downloaded more than 60 million times and is currently available on over 3 million WordPress websites. While no longer the most commonly used WordPress SEO plugin, it is comfortably at second place behind the 5 million-plus active users of Yoast SEO.

Plugin Strengths and Benefits

Flexible Configurations

When you install All in One SEO, it will be configured and optimized during the installation, so that it is ready to use without having to change any settings. On the other hand, if you are a seasoned on-site SEO practitioner because you will have access to a lot of advanced options, the plugin will suit you too. For a tailor-made fit, everything is adjustable.

So, whether you’re new to SEO, or you’re a seasoned user looking for a solid WordPress SEO plugin, there’s no need to look any further. No doubt the All in One SEO plugin is a solid choice.

Excellently Developed

All in one SEO has more than 10 years of providing its services. Back then, its creators were keenly aware of the recurrent areas within the core of WordPress that can be enhanced for added SEO benefits to your web.

As such, these core features have been made available in the All in One SEO plugin:

  • Capacity to automatically pass attached files to the parent document, such as images, PDFs, videos and other media
  • Sensitivity to the on-site SEO problem on WordPress pages, by preventing duplicate content
  • You can customize eCommerce pages, especially those that use WooCommerce.
  • On-site SEO optimization for all forms of custom content on your WordPress platform

Meta Title and Tags

The All in One SEO module helps you to customize the meta tags for names and descriptions. 

Here are some of the common features for marking optimization and indexing:

  • Automatically optimized meta title tags for better-displayed search engine results, particularly in Google
  • Automatic development and creation of meta tags with title and definition
  • Canonical tag customization and advanced design options
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Management to meet the guidelines of Google, and to appear well in web SERPs
  • Build XML sitemaps for submission to the Google Search Console to monitor the proper indexation of your pages and ensure that the robots of Google are completely aware of their completeness.
  • Create a unique file and image sitemaps, which will also help you to monitor the correct indexing of your images in Google

The All in One SEO plugin also handles Google and Bing’s pinging when new updates are available on your website. This allows the robots to be automatically and dynamically informed of new and modified information.

Other Advanced Features

These features will let you make sure that All in One SEO is compatible with your other plugins and themes:

  • The All in one SEO plugin includes an API to allow themes and other extensions to incorporate SEO functionality
  • Compatibility with the most common and most downloaded plugins
  • Complete PHP 7 compatibility

All in One SEO Pack Plugin (Premium Version)

All in One SEO Pack is yet another robust WordPress website SEO plugin to automate single pages or posts. It comes with a user-friendly option for beginners and experienced users alike. The plugin creates meta tags for all of your articles, posts, and custom sort automatically and optimizes your website to rank the content on the search engine. In addition, the plugin also supports Google Analytics which works perfectly to track traffic on each page of your website and post.

Premium Version Benefits

All in One SEO Pack as the name suggests aims to become an all-inclusive SEO package. It is a powerful plugin with many features and choices.

Here are the main extras with Premium edition for a short overview:

  1. Access to the Pro tutorial videos.
  2. Advanced support for WooCommerce.
  3. Ability to create an XML sitemap for video content.
  4. Ability to add SEO meta titles and descriptions for tags, categories, and other taxonomies.
  5. Access to the Premium support forums and knowledge center.
  6. Another advantage of upgrading to the paid All in One SEO edition is eliminating the popular notifications that urge you to update the plugin and remove ads for other software and services that are displayed in your WordPress dashboard.

The Feature Manager – Sitemaps, Social + More

All in One SEO Pack has a feature manager that allows certain functions to be activated or disabled according to your needs. When allowed, these will appear in the WordPress menu under the plugin’s settings. You can see a list of features in the Manager below:

  • XML Sitemaps. Allows creating, managing, and submitting XMLs to popular search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo,
  • Social Meta. Eases the customization of Social Metadata, including settings for Images and Facebook/Twitter.
  • Robots.txt. Helps to easily add allow/disallow rules to guide search engine robots on how to crawl your website.
  • File Editor. Simplifies the editing of .htaccess file.
  • Importer & Exporter. Allows transferring settings from All in One SEO pack easily.
  • Bad Bot Blocker. Stops bots from slowing down the performance of the site. For instance, you can block bots and referrals using HTTP or set up custom blocklists.
  • Performance. It allows raising memory limit, changing execution time, and forcing rewrites.
  • Video Sitemap and many more.

XML Sitemaps

If you trigger XML Sitemaps, a new XML Sitemap menu area will be activated where you can customize a whole host of details about your sitemap. You should feel free to use these as the defaults if you’re a novice. Yet experienced users can see the versatility appreciated.

All in One SEO Pack Meta Box

The All in One SEO Pack meta box is where you spend much of your time, on a regular basis. The settings above are typically “set it and forget it,” while the meta box is something you can use if you add a new piece of content.

All in One SEO pack adds a custom meta box for every type of content (posts, pages, or custom post types) under the post editor. Using this meta box you can identify a custom title, add meta description and keywords for each article. Since there is no research, the meta box of Yoast SEO is much simpler than this.

WooCommerce SEO Functionality

If you are running a WooCommerce shop, All in One SEO Pack for WooCommerce items can be allowed in general settings (but only with All in One SEO Pack Pro):

Overall, if you’d rather work with a plugin that’s stripped down and straightforward, offering everything you need in a simple and easy way – All in One SEO Pack might be your best option.

Why should you upgrade to the Premium Version?

Below are some of the reasons why it’s worth it to upgrade to the premium plugin version.

  1. If you are publishing videos on your WordPress website and you would like the content to be shown in the video search engines, then it might be a good investment to upgrade to the paid version to unlock the video XML sitemap feature.
  2. Access to the video tutorials is another reason to upgrade. If you’re not sure about SEO and want some guidance using the plugin to make your WordPress website more search engine-friendly, these videos will be helpful. There are also other WordPress tutorial videos out there for different SEO plugins.
  3. Finally, because the paid edition requires links to the premium help forums, if something goes wrong with your site and its search engine optimization, you’ll have to switch somewhere. As SEO is critical to most websites, the upgrade price alone may be worthwhile for accessing a premium support channel in case you start having problems.

Conclusion: All in One SEO Plugin is one of the Top SEO Plugins for WordPress sites

Because SEO is often more of an organic process, the results can differ when using this or any other plugin. However, both versions of All in One SEO certainly tend to be capable plugins for optimizing your WordPress website for search engines like Google and Bing, as well as integrating your site with valuable resources like Google Analytics and Webmaster software.

All in One SEO’s free version has a fantastic collection of features, most users won’t need to upgrade to it. But if any of the above points favor your website then All in One SEO Premium is recommended. All in One SEO Pack includes a comprehensive collection of features to turn into your SEO powerhouse. Setting up and using the SEO tool may not be the simplest, but it will definitely help you better manage your SEO webpages.

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