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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common Internet Marketing techniques practiced as marketing based on results. Affiliate marketing means that you refer someone to some online product, and you earn a fee when that person buys the product based on your advice.

It is very important or more mandatory to have ties with good and effective Affiliate programs when it comes to bringing your online business to a new stage. But what would it be like to create your own affiliate program plugin for your WordPress website, rather than looking for and signing up for Affiliate Programs?

Looking to build your product’s Affiliate Program? Having an affiliate program could not only result in significantly higher sales and profits for your company but could also be a fantastic way to grow a loyal folk audience interested in supporting your goods and/or services.  This is also a referral program where you allow someone to refer by giving them a fee on each sale they refer to.

Why Create an Affiliate Program?

If you are not yet sold entirely on the concept of giving away a percentage of your income to an affiliate party, then you may be losing out on a perfect opportunity to improve your revenues and generate more revenue.

By hiring a team of associates to advertise your goods and services, you can essentially outsource the promotion of your offerings to a performance-related payment model — meaning payment is only earned from those who actually sell.

Affiliate referrals are a strong type of marketing for your shop because people seem to have more faith in others than magazines, newspapers or other outlets. Having a recommendation from someone else who has encountered service or used a product is a much more powerful motivator than reading about a product in a magazine, and getting an affiliate network allows you to exploit the phenomenon for your brand.

In the past, running your own affiliate network would have been complicated and it probably would have forced you to pay a service provider to take care of the technicalities. However, AffiliateWP aims to make something you can do yourself in the process – right from inside your WordPress dashboard. Let’s get going, then!

AffiliateWP Plugin

AffiliateWP is a leading international service enabling users to build their full-featured affiliate system on WordPress easily. You will easily create a workable affiliate marketing solution. This means you can encourage visitors you accept to sign up to become your site’s associates and receive a fee for each new customer or customer they refer to.

Established in 2014, AffiliateWP aims to provide WordPress with a top-notch, self-hosted, and intuitive affiliate management framework. It’s also simple to use and built to help you set up and operate a good affiliate easily.

In essence, AffiliateWP provides all the features and functionality that you would need from inside your WordPress admin dashboard to create and manage your own affiliate network. This ensures that you will be operating from an established (and familiar) user interface, and it also eliminates the need to use any extra services that could allow you to either pay a monthly fee and/or disburse a cut in your receipts!

Let’s take a look at the functionality this awesome plugin has to offer, and perhaps most importantly, find out how simple it is to start selling your goods and services through an affiliate program.

Plugin Features

One of the best things I love about AffiliateWP is that it looks like the traditional WordPress GUI and works as it does. Navigation is very simple, and the front end is very clean and user friendly. You can build the front end reports and affiliate page using simple shortcodes inside a file, which enables seamless incorporation into your own theme design.

AffiliateWP offers all the important functions that you need to get an up-and-running affiliate system for your website — plus a range of enticing additional features as well. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the highlights:

  • Optional front-end affiliate registration forms.
  • Auto or manual approval of affiliate applications.
  • Front-end affiliate area with reports and tracking information.
  • Integration with other plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.
  • Set global fixed or percentage amounts for referral fees.
  • Custom referral rates for individual affiliates.
  • Mass pay your affiliates by exporting a CSV file.
  • Publish your own creatives for your affiliates to use.
  • Export and import affiliates, referrals, and settings.
  • Assistant to help migrate from other systems.

Once configured to do so, AffiliateWP will allow visitors to your website to sign up to become an affiliate of your products and services through the provided registration forms — either via an auto-approval system for new applicants or by allowing site administrator users to manually approve them.

AffiliateWP also provides a range of useful shortcodes, such as those that can be used to post affiliate registration and login forms on any page on your website, and those that allow you to limit post or page content to affiliates only, such as your affiliate messages, links, and banners.

Plugin Pages

1. Partner’s Affiliate Area

The affiliate area is where you can see the registration and login process of your affiliate users. New affiliate marketers register for your affiliate program via this website, while already signed-up affiliates can log in to their accounts, create referral connections, view statistics and see their earnings.

When you install the plugin into WordPress, AffiliateWP plugin automatically generates an affiliate area page right away. If you don’t find this page, you can create a new page by yourself and add the shortcode [affiliate area] to the main content area, the affiliate area page will then be created.

(a) Main Affiliate Area

For logged-in users, the Partner Area looks like the screenshot below. Affiliates can create affiliate URLs by clicking on the Create URL button and entering a page URL in the field there.

(b) Statistics

Next, a description of paid and unpaid referrals, visits, conversion rates, earnings and commission rates is shown on the Statistics tab.

(c) Graphs

Affiliates can see a graphical presentation of the affiliate statistics by clicking on the next tab, Graphs.

(d) Referrals

Referrals provide a summary of the partner referrals with the amount received, the definition of the product and the status as paid or unpaid.

(e) Creatives

The Creatives tab includes promotional banners that affiliates can use to promote your products on their blogs and multiple other platforms.

(f) Settings

Eventually, the Settings tab lets the affiliates add their payment email where they can submit their commissions.

2. Admin Dashboard Area

AffiliateWP gives you simple but effective choices for running your affiliate system. You may add, edit, and review affiliates; display individual and complete affiliate reports; handle referrals, visits, and innovative aspects; and display all of the full reports.

For AffiliateWP it is simple to configure and control the admin options. To get started, go to Affiliates » Overview to take a look at the overview of your affiliate program.

In the Summary, you can see the balance for paid earnings, unpaid referrals, most important affiliates, most recent affiliate registrations, new referrals, etc.

You can then go to Affiliates » to show your list of all affiliates, add new affiliates, edit and so on.

The back end reporting tools allow you to easily get an overview of how your affiliates perform — along with charts and graphs to display the results. Below are a few more relevant backend pages for Admin.

3. General Settings

Upon enabling the plugin, navigate to Affiliates » Settings to enable your authorization to the plugin. The license key can be found on the AffiliateWP web site in your account. The General tab has a range of partner settings, in addition to license activation.

You may pick an affiliate page or affiliate agreement page; however, do not hesitate to leave them as they are, as the plugin generates such pages automatically to meet unique affiliate needs.

4. Integrations

AffiliateWP offers complete integration with the common plug-ins. With 28 leading and influential WordPress, eCommerce and membership plugins, all significant actions will be at your disposal.

5. Email Settings

AffiliateWP provides Customizable emails for admin alerts, acceptance, and rejection of affiliate applications, pending applications for affiliates and new updates for referrals. In AffiliateWP settings, you can customize all email settings from the Email tab.

Conclusion: AffiliateWP is one of the best Affiliate Management Plugin for WordPress

Without a question, AffiliateWP is one of the strongest WordPress affiliate management plugins. It has a full set of functionalities and features to allow you to build a powerful WordPress affiliate program. Its incorporation of plugins for eCommerce, membership, forms, and invoice makes it the all-in-one solution for affiliate programs.

The plugin was developed specifically for WordPress making it a very unique product. Its interface is very similar to the WordPress software so that anybody using WordPress will quickly remember the familiar feel of it and customize it all. It’s an easy WordPress affiliate plugin you can use without having to touch any code.

We believe AffiliateWP is the best plugin for building and operating an affiliate program on WordPress pages. It’s a fantastic tool that you can use to improve revenue, enhance SEO and grow business.

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