EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin Review

When consumers add items to their online shopping cart then abandon or leave the platform until the transaction is completed, Abandoned Cart occurs. In every online shop, a lot of this happens. For eCommerce carts, the Baymard Institute places the average abandonment rate at 69 percent. 

Even though hard-working retailers strive to bring consumers to their site and direct them during the purchasing process, only three out of ten shopping carts can actually generate a sale. That’s a significant amount of lost revenue , especially if the sale ends up going to your competitor.

This is why the owner of an eCommerce store must now have the ideal abandoned cart plugin to help track and retrieve these abandoned carts. 

Why use Mailchimp for your Abandoned Cart Recovery Process?

A tactic used by many top eCommerce firms is the recovery of abandoned carts. In their decision to complete the purchase of a product, such customers are typically called “warm leads”. It is necessary now to put a method in place to systematically follow up on every abandoned cart with an email sequence. 

You may be aware that there are plenty of other email marketing solutions out there that you can use on your webstore. Below we have mentioned the key reasons why you should use Mailchimp instead: 

  • Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing apps in the world. Currently, it has over 20 million users and is valued at $4.2 billion.
  • You get a list of 2,000 subscribers and a cap of 12,000 emails per month. For free!
  • The platform gives you quick access to a range of email marketing resources , making Mailchimp simple and easy to use.
  • In one location, it allows you to build and manage mailing lists, newsletters, automated promotions, and more. 

Why Recover your Abandoned Carts?

Cart abandonment is a growing threat for all business owners as it is the most common and most inevitable scenario in running an online store. Here are some important points why you should focus on retrieving your Abandoned Carts: 

It is easier to target warm leads than cold leads. Bringing a customer into the sales funnel is better than trying to find a new customer to sell to. Online shops will start driving lost customers back to their website by remarketing wisely. Remarketing for websites is a largely untapped sales source, which also concedes to the idea that they will not return after a customer has left. Recognizing the need to directly communicate with consumers will improve online recovery dramatically. 

In your sales and marketing funnel, it is also one of the greatest leaks, thereby increasing the bounce rate. Boost the store’s profits by following up with a customer and encouraging them to finish their order. 

Emails about cart abandonment are a cost-effective solution to raise sales. Such emails encourage you to inspire consumers to return to the website and complete their purchase. The emails may simply remind them of the products (to reach out to forgotten clients), provide them with other appropriate items (to assist reluctant clients) or inspire them (to empower price-sensitive clients). This way, you will keep your clients and reduce the expense of attracting new clients. 

EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin

This plugin was developed using Mailchimp, specially built to recover abandoned carts for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stores. By encouraging customers to follow through with their intended purchases with personal, time-limited discount codes in MailChimp, EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart enables you to activate abandoned cart emails in MailChimp. 

Also, this plugin calculates several key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your abandoned cart process and also allows you to view the contents of each abandoned cart. You can learn more features of this plugin by visiting the product page.

Our plugin was specifically designed to optimize the abandoned cart recovery process for Easy Digital Downloads stores, therefore it’s a true EDD plugin. We also re-worked it completely trying to improve what we can and now have issued a reworked version. Putting in place an effective abandoned cart recovery process in most cases is a must-have for your Easy Digital Downloads store for any eCommerce Website.

Plugin Key Features

Here are the plugin’s key features that you will surely love!

Performance Statistics of your Abandoned Cart Process

Check and track the performance statistics and key performance indicators of your abandoned cart process. The statistics you can see are: a) Information regarding your Abandoned Carts and their Lost Sales Value, b) Recovered Sales and Orders when the discount codes are used and, c) Other Key Performance Indicators.

These statistics can give you a clearer picture of the current status of your abandoned cart process and how your abandoned carts recovery workflow is working for your business, and here you can have an idea where and what to improve on your side.

Detailed list of all abandoned carts and contents   

See a full list of all your abandoned carts, along with the necessary details about each entry.   

Also, you can now have a look at the abandoned cart contents to see what products your customers left on their abandoned carts.

Issue time-limited Discount Codes

Automatically create unique time-limited discount codes per prospective customer who abandoned their shopping carts. This strategy can effectively attract those customers and therefore increase the chance of them returning to proceed with the purchase and checking out using the issued discount codes. Take note that there’s an option to Turn ON / OFF the creation of discount codes.

Issue time-limited Discount Codes

Send email automation series via Mailchimp

Target those leads who abandoned their carts and setup an email series and try to get those customers to follow through with their purchase intent. Hence, the need for a plugin, which triggers such a workflow and sends abandoned cart customer data to MailChimp, and will therefore use the automation processes of MailChimp to send the email series needed for this workflow.

Send email automation series via Mailchimp

Take note: Our plugin automatically syncs pending abandoned carts to your Mailchimp Email list every 15 minutes. But, you can also force synced those abandoned carts by pressing the Sync with Mailchimp button. You can learn more how to do this by reading the Documentation page here.

Conclusion: Recover abandoned carts using the perfect plugin that can actually help you!

In your stores, it is really important to implement an Abandoned Cart Recovery solution, particularly using the perfect Abandoned Cart Plugin. Cart abandonment recovery processes such as this are a cost-effective tool for revenue enhancement. It’s easier to put a client into the sales funnel than to try to find a new client to sell to. 

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