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For merchants and creators of digital goods, there are a variety of eCommerce platforms that can allow you to sell digital downloads to your consumers. With these tools, merchants can control download and pricing structure, branding, and where their products are sold. Some of these eCommerce platforms provide options to sell your own digital products such as eBooks, music and video courses, but they don’t particularly focus on these digital items.

With an excellent eCommerce platform solution like Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), you can easily create an amazing product catalog and customize its descriptions and information as you would like. Below is an example of a Digital Downloads webstore.

Basically, EDD works like WooCommerce, simply adding your products, define it’s functions and features and set the price points ready for sale. Below is an example of a very basic download page made using EDD. You can still customize it and add more texts, blocks, and widgets as you like.

Today, we are going to review an eCommerce Solution that is well-known in focusing on selling digital products.

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Easy Digital Downloads was created by WordPress developer Pippin Williamson and his company Sandhills Development. This plugin was primarily built to market digital products although there is now the possibility of selling physical products. It is also becoming one of the largest marketplaces for official and third-party extensions and add-ons. You can easily set up an eCommerce store for digital downloads within a couple of hours with this plugin.

Basically, setting up your Easy Digital Download stores could be your smartest move if you are into eCommerce and have excellent digital goods ready to offer for download. Unlike WooCoommerce and Shopify that are better known in marketing physical products online, you don’t have to deal with inventory or shipping costs with EDD.

The Story of Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

EDD launched its WordPress plugins more than 7 years ago or around the end of 2012. The plugin was continuously improved as a generally licensed open-source WordPress plugin which attracted the interest of a community of developers eager to improve its functionalities which later on created an ecosystem of EDD Plugins and EDD Developers.

Therefore, over time the EDD plugin became more reliable and was extensively tested increasing its reliability and workflow processes. Further, additional plugins were developed to enhance the functionalities of EDD stores even more. Compact but complete, EDD today can be considered as one of the best choices among vendors whenever selling digital products since this plugin was specially designed to do such.

Best Plugin Features

Easy Digital Downloads is a simple plugin for WordPress. Unlike many other plugins you’ll stumble upon, it’s rather lightweight, simple and easy to use, and it doesn’t overpower your website. You can expect the site to move perfectly without any problems.

Easily Add your Digital Products

This plugin offers a comprehensive Add New Product Page where you can specify and configure important product information such as: 

  • Download Prices
  • Download Files
  • Download Notes
  • Download Categories and Notes
  • Download Image
  • Download Settings

After succesfully adding a new product you can see the list by going to All Downloads. Here you can have a look at all your added digital products along with important product details.

Data Reporting Features

EDD has some excellent data reporting tools so that you can view your earnings based on date ranges and categories. All of the statistics can be filtered by searching for specific products.

The reports are stored on the WordPress dashboard, with clean graphs and tables so that even a beginner can understand and feel comfortable with reading the information. The data reporting tools include buttons for exporting your store data.

Create Discount Codes

Customers love a good discount. That’s why it’s essential to provide the occasional discount codes for special events or holidays. Luckily, Easy Digital Downloads has its discount code functionality built into the plug-in. For instance, you could choose a percentage-based or flat rate discount to offer to your customers.

Some other settings include the option to limit a coupon’s usage by a certain number of times used or by the type of user. Automated start and end dates are possible, along with the ability to include or exclude certain products from the discount codes.

Simple but Smooth Checkout

The shopping cart is one of the main reasons Easy Digital Downloads became so popular in the first place. Not only can it support both guests and registered user checkouts, but you can customize your shopping cart with Buy Now or Add To Cart buttons.

It truly is one of the simplest checkout processes for customers. In addition, users can save their carts and come back to them when they are ready to purchase. Other than that, the only other standout feature would be that you can require your customers to agree to terms and services before they buy.

Customer Management Tools

Take a deeper look into what these customer management features can do for your business. First of all, just about all customer details are shown in the WordPress dashboard. This includes information such as an email address, customer name, and all recent purchases.

You can manually create a customer page and even link some of these records to other profiles. One of my favorite features is that the Easy Digital Downloads dashboard shows you a customer lifetime value so you can identify some of your VIP customers.

EDD Plugin Extensions

Easy Digital Downloads comes with plenty of features for you to get started selling digital items online. The extension library has tons of excellent add-ons and extensions that you can install along EDD Plugin that gives additional and unique features such as recurring payments, frontend product submissions, and software licensing.

As mentioned before, you also have the option to purchase some extension packages that may make it cheaper and provide a better value for a large group of extensions.

To give you an idea, here are some of the most popular Easy Digital Downloads add-ons to choose from:

Also, there are plenty of websites that specifically develop WordPress Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads to enhance your webstore’s functionalities such as Plugins & Snippets, Ace Plugins, and Happy Plugins. There are also some websites that offer Custom Software Development Services upon customer’s request, like what Plugins & Snippets is offering to their customers.

Conclusion: EDD is the best choice to sell Digital Products

The landscape in selling digital downloads online has changed a lot since the dawn of the open-source plugin Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

We choose EDD because this is basically more user-friendly than any other platform in terms of selling digital downloadable products. You can create a store and presents all the types of downloadable software in there without any clutter, no shipping needs and no waiting time and payment options are not a hassle. If you like to add functionalities, EDD developers will support you as well and it is easy to add additional plugins to increase the functionality of your eCommerce store.

The most important thing, however, is its product reliability. You purchased plugins from an EDD store and you can always have your peace of mind because creators of these plugins in our experience are committed to fix the bugs and keep developing the software further. Overall, Easy Digital Downloads is a great WordPress plugin to choose and allows you to easily enter the world of digital eCommerce properly equipped and ready.

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