Business Directory Plugin Review

The internet today is full of different kinds of online directories. There might be a directory for all eCommerce companies, online marketplaces, websites of all kinds, plugins/themes, software, documents, writers, anything under the sun! Your website itself might be listed in any directories right now. Regardless of many competitors already existing, you can always implement a directory on your website. Creating a directory today is challenging, but with the appropriate software and tools, you can set an edge among other directory owners.

But here today, we will introduce and review the Business Directory Plugin for WordPress.

Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory Plugin is an all-in-one solution in creating powerful WordPress directories. It gives you all core directory features such as fully customizable form fields, payment system, listing system,  image support, and others. You can have these features for free when you download the base plugin, with the option to get the premium add-ons when purchased the paid ones.

Even without any of the premium add-ons, you can still create a very solid directory website. It even supports many payment systems if you like to give customers more payment options. Our team loves this WordPress Directory Plugin and we are even using this now on this website itself. Here’s a fully functional directory without costing you a fortune. The feedback and ratings are very good, and the plugin on your website is lightweight and ready to go.

How to Create and Submit Listings?

Let’s quickly run through the process of how this WordPress directory plugin works on your websites.

Upon installation and activation of the plugin, two new menu items are created in the side menu of the WordPress admin dashboard: ‘Directory’ and ‘Directory Admin’.  You can view your listings from the Directory menu, and control the directory types, tags, and others.

The plugin automatically generates a page that includes the shortcode for the directory. This page is used for showing your site visitors the directory and its listings. Then users must start by creating directory categories and tags. This will be the starting point in order to accept listing submissions.

Next would be to customize the listings form fields for submission. The plugin initially sets up a few form fields, and you can just add and change depends on what you like to show in the listings. You can also create additional form fields to allow more information to be displayed on your directory.

Now, upon adding listings, there are three main options for it:

a) Adding Listing from the Backend Area

b) Uploading a CSV File

c) Frontend Listing Submission Page

The first one is to add them right from the Admin Area, as you would create a new post. Just simply locate Directory Menu, then Add New Listing. You can build a new listing from here by filling in the fields of the form you set up earlier. 

After successfully submitting, it will go straight to the Directory Menu, with status Pending (can be changed at the Plugins Settings). The site admins can approve it there by changing the status to Published. Once done, the listing will now be listed publicly on the frontend directory.

The second option for adding listings is to import them via a CSV file. This is ideal for those moving to this plugin from another option, or those who have managed their listings in another way and want to get them online quickly. Images can also be imported along with the data in the CSV file.

Lastly, visitors can submit listings on your website themselves by letting them fill out the frontend page submission form. The plugin also creates this page automatically, or if not, you will need to use the shortcode which you can found on their documentation page.

That is basically how to use this plugin to list down listings and show it on your website’s frontend. You can learn more about how to use this plugin by visiting their documentation pages.

Other Key Features

Here are other excellent features that you can find and use along with this plugin:

  • Beautiful Directory Templates – Tons of Directory Templates exclusive for Business Directory Plugin. Be able to adjust your directory look instantly with one button pressing!
  • Recurring payments – Listings can be automatically renewed by recurring payments using major payment gateways, allowing continuous revenue flow, and preventing renewal user hassles.
  • Full Field control – Be able to add tons of custom fields as you want, or use the existing fields brought by this plugin.
  • Full Image Support – Lists may or may not have photos. Any number that you configure. Fee plans can be linked conveniently to a number of photos per page.
  • Mobile-Friendly Plugin – Business Directory is totally integrated with any mobile-friendly theme. It also supports mobile defined templates for sites that are used exclusively by mobile users.
  • SEO Friendly – The directory lists are integrated with Yoast SEO and can quickly connect with keywords for Google searches. Google can display lists through standard sitemaps.
  • Developer Friendly – If you wish to create your own custom look and feel for the directory, the new directory skins are well recorded with examples.
  • Friendly, responsive support – Their support also gets excellent reviews. Just ask a question and they always react swiftly.

Conclusion: Best WordPress Directory Plugin

Transforming a simple WordPress website into a robust and complete working Directory Website is not a problem anymore if one chose the right tools and software, to begin with. I briefly discussed you above how this Business Directory Plugin for WordPress works as well as some of its best features that enable your website to receive listings, payments, and many others. 

I hope this review article helps you decide which plugin to use best. You can also scroll through our tons of plugin listings specifically for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads to help enhance and improve the functionalities of your WordPress websites.

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