About us

We have been using WordPress Plugins for many years ourselves. Our team is fully international, located in Europe and Asia, and consists of technical website experts as well as of internet marketing experts. We operate websites for many years including several eCommerce websites based on WordPress. Whenever we wanted to enhance the functionality of our websites, we had to research, analyze and evaluate which WordPress plugins would offer the best solution to add additional functionalities to our websites, including blogs, company sites but also eCommerce sites. Using a standard ready-made WordPress plugin is still always cheaper and faster than having to develop a plugin from scratch. Over the years we have gathered extensive experience in how to best analyze and optimally select WordPress plugins. a team of experienced Plugin Developers mainly for WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads. We have years of experience in plugin and theme development that we’ll surely cater to excellent plugins and reviews to all.

Why WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is used by more than 30% of the world’s website and has become the content management system of choice for many website owners. What makes WordPress very useful is its rich directory of plugins which allow to add and enhance website functionalities significantly by installing ready-made plugins. As experienced users will know, the challenge is that if you run a WordPress website with many plugins, these plugins will have to be carefully selected and calibrated to ensure there are no compatibility issues and they fulfill the desired functions. Finding and evaluating new plugins can become a cumbersome task, as many details play an important role. Therefore, we thought, it might be useful to start a website especially targeting to help WordPress users finding the optimal plugins by providing more background information. In short, this is why we decided to start PluginWarriors.

Our Mission

The mission of PluginWarriors is to set up and maintain an outstanding WordPress plugin and review website dedicated to help and make it easier for website owners to easily find the best plugins for their websites.

Our Objectives

The goals of PluginWarriors are the following:

  • Make it easy for our readers to find the most interesting WordPress plugins
  • Offer reviews and background information
  • Offer skilled plugin developers a platform to present their plugins
  • Collect independent user feedback for plugins
  • Assist website owners in finding qualified plugin developers

So we hope you might find our website useful. For any questions, comments, please feel free to leave your feedback or contact us.