8 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress

If your WordPress website expands, sadly it will begin to slow down with the release of new content and installation of additional WordPress plugins if you do. Even a new WordPress platform setup will suffer from poor performance during high traffic spikes or if you’re using a poor-quality web host.

Neil Patel says that if the load time takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of visitors leave the website. So it comes as no surprise that in its search algorithm, Google continues to prioritize site speed. The lower the load time, the higher the rankings, and the more organic traffic you can obtain.

WordPress Caching is a crucial aspect in evaluating the overall efficiency of the web since it dynamically produces HTML pages by adding PHP code alongside queries from MySQL databases. Orders of magnitude can be faster on your WordPress platform if correctly done. It also helps stop duplication and speeds up the site’s load time.

Would you like to improve your WordPress website’s speed? One of the easiest ways to ensure that your website loads faster is by using a caching plugin on your website.

Why use Caching Plugins for your WordPress website?

Caching Plugins for WordPress help it function more effectively. The content is created dynamically every time a page on your website is visited, with lots going on in the background, including multiple data access and code releases.

A caching plugin can create a static version of your content, eliminating several of the steps that occur when dynamically creating a page. To enhance your WordPress speed and efficiency, you need a proper caching plugin. Below are some importance why use a Caching Plugins for your website.

  • A decrease in only a single second can have a significant impact to your page speed and load time. Faster loading times and happy guests are what we aim.
  • As mentioned earlier, 40% of your visitors would lose patience and leave your site if your pages take more than three seconds to load.  A single second of delay would decrease your conversions by 7%.
  • Faster websites are known for lowering bounce rates because people are not interested in waiting for a 10-second page to load.
  • It puts your server under less pressure. When it comes to highly complex domains, this is very important. On your WordPress hosting servers, it reduces the load and lets your website load faster.
  • When rating your website on search engine results pages, Google utilizes page speed as a metric. So, you need to speed up your website if you want greater search engine exposure and more traffic from sites like Google and Bing.
  • One of the simplest ways to lower your TTFB (Time To First Byte) is to cache. Caching, in fact, usually decreases TTFB by up to 90%. Because the faster the TTFB, the faster the needed resource can start being sent to the browser, this is an important aspect of site optimization.

8 Best Caching Plugins for WordPress

There are countless best caching plugins available free and commercial. However, only the top Caching Plugins for WordPress were chosen to make the comparison more manageable.

LiteSpeed Cache

LSCWP is easy to install but it can only be used if you use a LiteSpeed server and not a standard Apache server. The plugin does, however, have a robust user interface that allows you to configure a wide variety of settings if you wish.

This plugin is developed by LiteSpeed Technologies. It provides your website with a lot of features that enable you to have greater control over your web caching and speed settings. Take note that you can only use this plugin on a Litespeed web server. On many levels, this helps you to increase and optimize your speed.

With advanced cache management tools and optimization capabilities, LSCWP is an all-in-one site optimization framework. This is the only optimisation plugin that you would ever need. Your website should use the best practices that allow a high PageSpeed score and, more importantly, an enhanced user experience to be achieved.

For further information about this plugin, you can read our plugin review article of Litespeed Cache Plugin here.

W3 Total Cache

W3 is one of the most advanced caching plugins for WordPress that provides an advanced framework for caching. It is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress that starts running right out of the box. Also, it provides services for famous websites such as Mashable, AT&T, Yoast, and many others.

W3 Total Cache is one of WordPress’ most common caching plugins, with over a million active installs. By caching every part of your website, it enhances your server efficiency and also provides integrations of data centers.

The plugin begins working within minutes after installation. You don’t need to go through the various options to set this up. You only need to go to the General page and turn the “Toggle all caching forms” option to “On” to ensure that it works smoothly from scratch.

The biggest drawback is that it is sometimes very overwhelming and challenging to comprehend the backend settings. The developers do a good job of completing the correct settings for you, but it will still be frustrating for beginners.

For further information about this plugin, you can read our plugin review article of W3 Total Cache here.

WP Super Cache

The other famous WordPress caching plugin is WP Super Cache. It is free and many of the top WordPress hosting companies highly suggest it. During the major traffic spikes that can occur if your blog reaches the homepage on Reddit or is featured on other prominent pages, it is particularly effective at preventing your server from slowing to a crawl or even overloading.

From your dynamic WordPress site, WP Super Cache lets you create static HTML files. WP Super Cache provides the static HTML file to the great majority of your website users after processing relatively stronger WordPress PHP scripts on your site.

All the suggested caching functions you would need to speed up your website are included in the WP Super Cache plugin. This includes gzip compression, page cache, pre-loading cache, CDN support, preloading advanced cache, and more.

WP Rocket

The most popular WordPress premium caching plugin is WP Rocket. Trusted by over 900,000 + websites, including famous names like Beaver Builder in the WordPress room. Popular for its one-click no-hassle setup, for both beginners and experienced users, it’s the go-to option.

What makes it one of the best WordPress cache plugins is the simplicity of WP Rocket, which is why it is perfect for beginners. You can install and easily have this plugin set up. WP Rocket, however, also has amazing features that developers or site owners who have a little more technical experience can configure.

The only caching plugin used in this article that can not be downloaded for free is WP Rocket. It brings lazy loading images that ensures they are downloaded only when visitors scroll to them, which also helps to speed up long web pages. It also includes page caching, cache preloading, compression of Gzip, and minification of HTML and JavaScript as well.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache comes with less WordPress caching configuration settings, making it one of the simplest WordPress caching plugins available.  It generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress pages, just like any other caching plugin.

The plugin minifies HTML and CSS files in order to reduce the file sizes. On your account, it also helps you to disable emojis. To minimize page load time for repeat users, it effectively incorporates WordPress browser caching and combines several CSS files into one to decrease the number of HTTP round-trips.

To improve your page speed, the premium edition of the plugin comes with a lot of unique features, such as image optimization, database cleanup, mobile caching, and much more. You can buy the paid version directly from your WordPress dashboard after you have installed the free WP Fastest Cache plugin.

Hyper Cache

With WordPress blogs in mind, Hyper Cache was built. On every blog, without any complex configurations, it will function. Hyper Cache optimizes your bandwidth and eventually increases your WordPress blog’s page load times.

Hyper Cache is a PHP caching plugin that does not require advanced specification as it works on any WordPress page. It has separate desktop and mobile user caches and an additional feature that enables it to effectively cache even on sites with very active user feedback and discussion engagement.

With ease, you can install Hyper Cache and the process is very quick. This is one of the best WordPress cache plugins for users who are beginners and don’t want to tackle loads of different cache configurations. You can introduce the mindset of “set it and forget it” with this plugin. So, once you have it mounted, after the initial setup, you do not have to really do anything.

Comet Cache

Comet Cache comes from a plugin called QuickCache that was previously popular. It is a fantastic plugin which can be set up and used very quickly. In order to provide almost all visitors with a quicker viewing experience, the plugin uses snapshots. It does not support users who are logged in or those who have recently left a message using cached pages.

For each environment, Comet Cache provides a thorough description so that inexperienced users can easily customize the plugin for their website. In some of the other, more specialized versions, this is a trait that is lacking.

However, only if you want to install the free plugin will you have basic features available. The new Comet Cache version is compatible with the newest version of WordPress.

Cache Enabler

The KeyCDN-developed Cache Enabler plugin is an excellent solution for those who do not have much understanding of the setup of a WordPress cache plugin as it is very basic. It has only a few checkboxes and two text fields that do not need to be filled out.

Cache Enabler from our partner KeyCDN, who powers the Kinsta CDN, is a free and open-source cache plugin. It is very fast and efficient, although multisite support for WordPress is a benefit for those with website networks. Without checking the pricing, this is a top-notch caching plugin. You don’t quite get the complete suite of features that you would like from WP Rocket, but for those on a budget, it is a viable option.

The setup of Cache Enabler is so simple that we can have Cache Enabler configured for any website in WordPress that does not require too much configuration if we precisely copy the previous settings.


The purpose of using a wordpress cache plugin on your website is very simple. Google would give priority to faster over slower websites for users who want fast websites in their search results. However, for the typical WordPress user, the functions behind the cache are often too complex. Therefore, you might have no idea how to find out if it’s any good when you go through the settings of a caching plugin.

It is very difficult to pick out any of the caching plugins described above. In addition, there are other cache plugins available in the directory of WordPress plugins. There are only a few marginal advantages, however, which distinguish each of the plugins.

Having installed a WordPress cache plugin can increase the performance of your website and boost user experience. For eCommerce websites, some plugins are designed, while others are intended for WordPress blogs. For beginners, some caching plugins are developed, while others for advanced developers have more complicated settings.

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