6 Best WordPress Maintenance Services Tools

WordPress maintenance and support services will help you spend less time updating your website and dealing with problems like spam, hacks, and errors. They take care of the tedious activities that must be completed — such as plugin and theme updates, security audits, and website backups — and are critical to any online business’s success.

These support systems can be very beneficial to those who are new to WordPress, as they will take care of any sticky issues you can’t handle on your own, ensuring that your website is back up as soon as possible.

If you’re a seasoned WordPress user, you might think that maintenance and support services are pointless because they don’t help you with something you can’t do yourself. That, on the other hand, is missing the argument. Support programs significantly minimize your workload and free up your time to concentrate on more critical activities.

Fortunately, there are a variety of resources available to keep your site in top shape so you don’t have to. As a result, in this post, we’ll go through some of the best WordPress maintenance services that will take care of your site for you.

But, before we get into the resources that can help you, let’s talk about website maintenance and why it’s so important to the long-term success of your site.

Why is WordPress Website Maintenance?

WordPress maintenance refers to a set of tasks that are performed on a regular basis to track and enhance your WordPress site’s efficiency, security, and quality.

Your website would need to be maintained on a regular basis. These tasks could occur on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. The following items are included in the upkeep:

  • Backing up your site: Backing up your site entails storing several copies of it in different places so that you can recover it in the event of a security breach or a mistake that wipes out your files.
  • WordPress core updates: WordPress is updated on a regular basis to patch bugs and security vulnerabilities. To ensure that your site is as safe as possible, you can always use the most recent edition.
  • Updating themes and plugins: Themes and plugins are updated on a regular basis. This includes security improvements, bug fixes, and updates to keep WordPress consistent with the most recent version. To take advantage of these updates, you must use the most recent versions of your themes and plugins.
  • Clearing your cache: Caches are saved files that will speed up the loading of your website. Cached files will accumulate over time, causing site bloat. To reset items, you will need to clear the cache on a regular basis.
  • Optimizing your database: At the heart of your website is a collection of organized data called a database. It contains information about user roles, posts, and other site details. As time passes, the database will accumulate irrelevant data, such as trashed posts. Excess data can be removed from your servers by optimizing it. This will make your site load faster while also reducing its scale.

Clearing out your Media Library, removing spam comments, and repairing broken links are just a few of the smaller and less commonly required tasks that need attention. These are only a few examples; the list is endless!

Why do you need WordPress Website Maintenance Services?

WordPress maintenance activities are critical for keeping your site running smoothly, as we just mentioned. Normal maintenance has many advantages, including increased protection and site speed.

Daily maintenance can also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as search engines prefer pages that load quickly and are simple to navigate. A webpage that takes a long time to load and includes errors such as broken links seems untrustworthy. Users can abandon your site as a result of these factors.

Users of the internet often have limited attention spans. Users are more likely to bounce if they can’t find what they’re looking for fast. Instead of poking around on your platform for long periods of time without success, they would rather leave to easily achieve their goals elsewhere.

As a result, maintenance may have an effect on your conversion rate. Maintaining a professional and user-friendly website increases the likelihood of tourists being engaged and returning users.

Keeping a WordPress website up to date on your own, on the other hand, is a difficult challenge. It necessitates regular, if not daily, monitoring. It’s difficult enough to run a company without even having to deal with your website on a daily basis.

Fortunately, WordPress maintenance services require to do the grunt work for you. We’ll go over eight platforms in the next section to help you manage your WordPress account.

6 Best WordPress Maintenance Services Tools

Now, let’s dig into the best maintenance services for WordPress users in 2021.


ManageWP is one of the most well-known WordPress companies. It was founded in 2012 and revolutionized website management by allowing WordPress users to manage several websites at once. With the release of ManageWP Orion in June 2016, this ground-breaking tool became even better.

ManageWP, in a nutshell, allows you to handle all of your WordPress-powered websites from a single dashboard. That means you won’t have to switch between several WordPress dashboards; everything will be accessible from one location. Fast, convenient, and easy. ManageWP is a dashboard that saves you time and nerves by automating your workflow so you can concentrate on the important stuff. For an unlimited number of websites, it is easy, safe, and free.

ManageWP not only saves you time, but it also scales amazingly well and is a reasonably cost-effective solution (you can run unlimited websites at affordable prices). Even better, ManageWP will significantly boost workflows for users of all types and sizes, from newbie webmasters to major WordPress agencies.


WPMU DEV is owned by Incsub, which also owns the WordPress hosting companies CampusPress and Edublogs. This puts WPMU DEV in a great position to penetrate the WordPress hosting market.

WPMU DEV provides professionally run WordPress VPS hosting. Each site has its own containerized memory, dedicated CPU, SSD storage resources, IP address, and other features. This means your site will be totally independent and will not have to share resources, resulting in consistently high results. WPMU DEV also offers a variety of premium features, themes, and plugins to assist website owners in optimizing, protecting, marketing, and managing their pages.

WPMU DEV hosting works in tandem with all of WPMU DEV’s services and plugins, allowing you to take advantage of a variety of extra features such as site management, marketing, and analytics.

WPMU DEV, as a whole, has an excellent user experience. WPMU DEV helps customers during their entire journey, from site development to beyond, by integrating the latest hosting service with all existing products and the Hub user-interface.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is another well-known organization that provides WordPress support and maintenance to individuals and businesses. It takes care of performance boosts, regular health checks, and security troubleshooting so you don’t have to. As a result, you’ll be able to make bold choices about your website without hesitation.

WPBuffs is a website and WordPress management service that also helps you develop your WooCommerce business. WPBuffs, unlike WPShrug, provides site management 24 hours a day, a white-label service, page edits, and emergency assistance. Regular alerts, backups, speed enhancement, and ongoing security are also included.

Due to technological constraints, even small businesses and entrepreneurs can take bold decisions with this level of help. In fact, the most scalable model for any company is ongoing support.

As a result, you can dive right in for full help without hesitation. WPBuffs is the most dedicated, helpful, and dependable way to fix problems with your website while remaining within your WordPress room. WpBuffs provides monthly WordPress site maintenance services, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs.


GoWP is another excellent WordPress maintenance program. GoWP is a WordPress maintenance service aimed at WordPress agencies rather than individual WordPress users, but there’s nothing stopping you from signing up as a single WordPress user as well. They specialize in assisting Web Agencies and Freelancers who handle several websites for clients, which sets them apart.

They provide a white-label support and maintenance solution for your business. Essentially, they are an on-demand, outsourced team that can manage WordPress maintenance for your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Updates, protection, and backups are all things they can manage. They’re a great choice if you have more than 10 current maintenance clients, as their rates start at $250 per month.

Overall, GoWP is set up so that WordPress agencies can use it as the foundation for a maintenance service that they can resell and white-label to their customers.

Main WP

MainWP has a dashboard where you can access all of your websites. Simply install the MainWP Dashboard plugin on your manager website, then install the MainWP Child plugin on each website you want to handle. You can access your dashboard from your manager website to handle all of your child pages.

With MainWP you can manage all aspects of your sites from one central location, including:

  • Updates
  • Users
  • Plugins and themes
  • Content
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Uptime

The list of things you can do is pretty long, but I’d like to point out that while MainWP is free, it does have premium features. The free edition includes the MainWP dashboard, which allows you to control plugins, themes, users, and content across all of your pages in one location. You can also get free add-on extensions to track uptime, manage backups, log activities, and manage security with the free tier. You can do more advanced stuff like manage analytics, clone pages, manage client reporting, and manage comments at the premium level.

MainWP is a fantastic unified management plugin that comes with a lot of features and is reasonably priced. InfiniteWP and ManageWP, two competitors with identical features, are significantly more expensive than MainWP. Though MainWP has a handy comparison chart to show you how it compares to the competition.

WP Remote

WP Remote is a free tool that allows you to control all of your WordPress sites from a single, simple, and quick gui. This type of tool/service would undoubtedly save you time.

WP Remote is a free WordPress website management dashboard that does exactly what I need it to do: it tracks all of my sites and tells me which ones need WordPress, theme, or plugin updates. Furthermore, it is both free and easy to set up and use.

Useful features:

• You can download all website files and the database for a single website. 

• You can download the database file for a single website.

• For each website, WP Remote provides links to the WordPress admin or website homepage. This makes it easy to test the sites after they’ve been updated.

WP Remote works for all of the big WordPress hosting providers. Bluehost, Siteground, Pressable, and other similar services are available. WP Remote works well for me on Kinsta Hosting, and I’ve also checked it on InMotion Hosting.

WP Remote will save you a lot of time if you manage several WordPress websites because it allows you to update all of them from a single dashboard. The setup is quick and straightforward. WP Remote is also completely free! WP Remote is a fantastic tool for updating several WordPress websites with a single click.


Hiring a WordPress support and maintenance services company is always a good idea because it allows website owners to concentrate on their core business operations while experts handle all of the website’s technological aspects, leaving you worry-free and providing you with several benefits.

The best WordPress repair service for your needs is determined by your budget, level of experience, and the types of repairs you need. While almost all of these services assist you with simple maintenance tasks such as updates and backups, the services you receive beyond that are noticeably different.

So, that was a precise list of the top 6 website maintenance service providers, but there are a lot more out there. You can always let us know if you have a better idea by leaving a comment below.

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