6 Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Affiliate marketing for WordPress is a clever strategy to make more money online by letting other people advertise your goods and services. If your affiliate partners with your tracking connection produce a sale for your product, then they receive a commission. Affiliate marketing is rapidly becoming a common way to raise income for both individuals and businesses.

You will advertise the goods and services of your website through an affiliate marketing program through overseeing affiliates. For each transaction that they effectively perform, affiliates receive a fee and give your website more sales, traffic, and exposure.

Managing ties and promotions, is not as straightforward as some make it seem. There are, luckily, plugins that can support and help you setup one. Affiliate marketing has plenty to give, whether you want to advertise the goods of others or want to recruit partners to showcase your brand.

Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to manage affiliate programs for WordPress. In this article, we’ll look at the 6 best WordPress affiliate plugins.

  1. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a fully-fledged affiliate management framework that is shockingly agile and extremely easy to set up. This makes the entire process of handling the referral program as easy as it ought to be.  To keep the program coordinated and productive, use the reports, real-time graphs, and advanced affiliate dashboard at a glance.

AffiliateWP integrates seamlessly with several common eCommerce solutions, like, just to name a few, Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. You can now easily track which affiliates are getting real sales. Also, you can easily track who your top affiliates are, and can see your referrals as an easy graph to understand over time.

In comparison with other WordPress affiliate plugins, this is a full functionality, well coded and simple to install for a great plugin that offers the excellent features. AffiliateWP is by renowned WordPress plugin creator Pippin Williamson, who has given us, among others, other fantastic plugins such as the aforementioned Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content Pro.

We previously created a more detailed plugin review of Affiliate WP. You can check it out to know more details and features related to it.

  1. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale is a real candidate for great WordPress affiliate plugins. It integrates with WordPress and provides you with an affiliate management framework that directly contributes and adds excellent functionalities to your website.

You can start a completely functioning affiliate program in just minutes with Affiliate Royale. Without compromising your brand appeal, your affiliates can track clicks, purchases, and payments from a centralized custom dashboard with ease.

Affiliate Royale can be conveniently incorporated with services of MemberPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Authorize.net, Shopping and others. Overall,  Affiliate Royale is a solution for affiliate management that works exactly as what it promise to offer your WordPress website.

  1. Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager is an outstanding affiliate plugin for WordPress. This plugin helps you to monitor, manage and directly pay your affiliates from your website. You can offer free plugin updates as well as technical support from the plugin’s user site.

This is the only affiliate manager plugin in this list to give a no-cost alternative is WP Affiliate Manager. Their free choice includes the most recent download of the plugin, access to comprehensive tutorials, and a support page.

WP Affiliate Manager does not operate on a third-party platform and allows users to directly monitor, track, and pay affiliates from their WordPress website. Fully integrated with WooCommerce and all other plug-ins for sales. For  Global affiliates, profit from the system is ready for translation virtually to other languages.

  1. Affiliates Pro

Affiliates Pro offers many of the same features that the majority of the plugins here offer but with a more expensive price. This makes it easier to introduce the initiative and remain in the budget for smaller companies and brands just starting out.

Affiliates is an Itthinx affiliate plugin to WordPress. The plugin is great for business owners and managers to get their affiliate program started immediately. Affiliates have both a free and a pro version which will help you start a marketing affiliate program.

Be able to manage and incorporate limitless affiliates into every sort of network, including eCommerce, memberships, generating leads, and more. Commissions systems are built in to ensure that you don’t have to waste time and effort in manually managing it. There are available shortcodes you can use to build pages that provide the output information to affiliates. It also provides a multi-level-marketing partner referral programme. For common eCommerce platforms and plugins, it includes lots of integrations and extensions.

  1. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

The Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin has a set of excellent affiliate features, such as affiliate ranking, an infinite number of affiliates, personalized commissions, performance incentives and deals, payouts from Stripe and PayPal, and others.

Banners, tiered commissions, signup referrals, social networking, various integrations, shortcodes, custom form fields, reports, alerts, coupons, commissions, a wallet, multi-lingual support, QR codes, and affiliate links, are other notable features. Overall, this plugin is a full framework for management of associated programs.  You can conveniently control all your purchases, banners, reports and more from your WordPress dashboard with Ultimate Affiliate Pro.

If you are looking for a WordPress affiliate management plugin with premium features, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a decent choice to consider, especially if you don’t have enough budget to purchase expense plugin.

  1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links (Lite) has a huge number of users, like the affiliate plugin in this list.  The downside is that they use their domain names, although there are other free resources to shorten your URLs. Meanwhile, you can use your domain name and look more professional with Pretty Links (Lite). The plugin allows you to monitor every single connection that you shrink.  It also offers all the information you need to get a better understanding of where the hit started. For example, it will tell you which browser visitor was on, which location, operating system, host, and others.

Although search engines are smart enough to know whether it is an affiliate connection or not, it is great to have it structured for your own individual opinions. Do it with clean links that include all the details you need to monitor your affiliate marketing to further optimization. And if you’ve got your referral connections spread through multiple networks, forums, emails and blogs, you’ll know exactly what’s best. Besides, some prefer clicking more than the ugly links on structured affiliate links.

Conclusion: Affiliate Plugin for WordPress offer powerful features

WordPress affiliate plugins such as AffiliateWP can offer tremendous help if you are looking to set up your own affiliate programs for your WordPress site.  The plugins can offer powerful functionalities and features to allow you to build a powerful WordPress affiliate program and incorporate solutions for eCommerce, membership, forms, and invoicing. Establishing your own affiliate program for WordPress can help you to improve revenue, enhance SEO, and grow your business to the next level.

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